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Furosemide Injection (Furosemide) - Current Clinical Trials


Clinical Trials Related to Furosemide Injection

Magnetic Marker Monitoring of Furosemide-containing Gastroretentive Formulation in Healthy Male Subjects (Fasting and Fed Conditions) [Completed]

Safety of Furosemide in Premature Infants at Risk of Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia (BPD) [Not yet recruiting]

Pharmacokinetic Profile and Pharmacodynamic Characteristics of a Furosemide High Dosage Formulation in Patients With Chronic Renal Failure Undergoing Peritoneal Dialysis [Completed]

Furosemide Stress Test as a Predictor of Tubular Function in Chronic Kidney Disease [Recruiting]

The Use of Furosemide in Patients on Dialysis [Recruiting]

Investigation of Gender Specificity of the Effects of Furosemide in Healthy Female and Male Volunteers [Not yet recruiting]

The Effects of Decreasing the Lasix Dose on the Cardiorenal System [Completed]

A Study to Investigate the Pharmacodynamic and Pharmacokinetic Interaction Between Aliskiren and Furosemide in Patients With Heart Failure [Completed]

Role of Acetazolamide and Hydrochlorothiazide Followed by Furosemide in Treating Edema [Completed]

Bumetanide Versus Furosemide in Heart Failure [Withdrawn]

Effect of Acetazolamide and Furosemide on Obesity-induced Glomerular Hyperfiltration [Completed]

Drug-drug Interaction Between Digoxin, Furosemide, Metformin, and Rosuvastatin [Completed]

Drug to Drug Interaction Study With Ipragliflozin and Furosemide [Completed]

The Influence of Furosemide on Fluid Balance and Intra-abdominal Pressure in Critically Ill Patients [Recruiting]

Inhaled Furosemide & Dyspnea [Not yet recruiting]

Furosemide vs Placebo for Brain Relaxation [Terminated]

Furosemide in Early Acute Kidney Injury [Terminated]

A Drug-Drug Interaction Study of Furosemide and PA21 [Completed]

Peritoneal Dialysis vs Furosemide for Acute Kidney Injury After Cardiopulmonary Bypass [Completed]

Furosemide Versus Ethacrynic Acid in Children With Congenital Heart Disease [Completed]

Safety and Efficacy of Low Dose Hypertonic Saline Solution and High Dose Furosemide for Congestive Heart Failure [Completed]

Oral Metolazone and Intermittent Intravenous Furosemide Versus Continuous Infusion Furosemide in Acute Heart Failure [Recruiting]

Prevention of Severe Postpartum Hypertension [Recruiting]

Diuretics for Postpartum High Blood Pressure in Preeclampsia [Active, not recruiting]

Safety and Efficacy of Furosemide 40mg + Amiloride Hydrochloride 10mg to Reduct Edema [Suspended]

Dopamine in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure II [Terminated]

Trial on Treatment With Inhaled Furosemide of Preterm and Term Neonates With Transient Tachypnoea [Recruiting]

Metformin and Furosemide Drug-Drug Interaction Study [Completed]

Trial Assessing the Effect of Preoperative Furosemide on Intraoperative Blood Pressure [Completed]

Troponin I Release After High Diuretic Doses [Completed]

Dopamine in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure (DAD-HF) Trial [Recruiting]

Single Dose of Furosemide to Improve Respiratory Distress in Moderate to Severe Bronchiolitis [Recruiting]

Using Furosemide to Prevent Fluid Overload During Red Blood Cell Transfusion in Neonates [Recruiting]

Effect of Repeated Dosing of Naproxcinod on Renal Hemodynamic and on Sodium Balance in Healthy Volunteers Before and After a Single Dose of Furosemide [Completed]

Crossover Study to Compare the Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability of a Novel Furosemide Regimen Administered Subcutaneously vs. the Same Dose Administered Intravenously in Subjects With Chronic Heart Failure [Recruiting]

Furosemide Treatment Before Blood Transfusion in Patients With Systolic Dysfunction [Not yet recruiting]

Bioequivalence Study of Furosemide 80mg Tablets Under Fasting Conditions [Completed]

Delayed Renal Allograft Function and Furosemide Treatment [Not yet recruiting]

Effect of Diuretics on Fluid Status Control and Residual Renal Function in Peritoneal Dialysis Patients [Withdrawn]

Furosemide Inhalation in Dyspnea of Mustard Gas Exposed Patients [Completed]

Effect of Furosemide on Obesity-induced Glomerular Hyperfiltration [Terminated]

Furosemide Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics After Subcutaneous or Oral Administration [Completed]

Effect of a New Formulation of Torasemide (Prolonged Release)on Myocardial Fibrosis in Patients With Heart Failure. [Completed]

Stop Hypernatremia, Use Metolazone, for Aggressive, Controlled, Effective Diuresis [Recruiting]

Spironolactone Versus Spironolactone Plus Furosemide (SVSSF) [Completed]

Clinical Trial to Compare Effectiveness of Diuretics in Hemodialysis Patients With Residual Renal Function [Recruiting]

Physiopathology of Sodium Retention in Acromegaly [Completed]

The Impact of TORasemide oN hemodynAmic and Neurohormonal Stress, and carDiac remOdeling in Heart Failure [Not yet recruiting]

Comparing the Effects of Conivaptan and Diuretics on Plasma Neurohormones and Renal Blood Flow in Patients With Chronic Congestive Heart Failure [Not yet recruiting]

A Study To Compare Effects Of GSK189075 In Combination With Either Furosemide Or Hydrochlorothiazide [Completed]

Evaluation of Combined Action Between Natrecor and Furosemide on Kidney and Neurohormone Responses in Chronic Heart Failure: A Phase-IV study704.351 / DSS [Completed]

Comparison of Long- and Short-Acting Diuretics in Congestive Heart Failure [Active, not recruiting]

Inhaled Furosemide Versus Placebo for Acute Viral Bronchiolitis in Hospitalized Infants [Completed]

Aerosol Inhalation Treatment for Dyspnea - Patients [Recruiting]

The Effect of Continuous, Various Doses of Furosemide Drip on Hearing as Measured by Acoustic Emission [Not yet recruiting]

Aquaresis Utility for Hyponatremic Acute Heart Failure Study [Not yet recruiting]

Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy [Completed]

Assessment of Coronary Flow Reserve in Heart Failure Patients After Ultrafiltration Versus Diuretics [Terminated]

Aerosol Inhalation Treatment for Dyspnea [Completed]

Induced Diuresis With Matched Hydration Compared to Standard Hydration for Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN) Prevention [Recruiting]

Measurement of Kidney Blood Flow and Oxygen Levels by MRI [Completed]

The Effect of Loop Diuretics on Severity and Outcome of Acute Kidney Injury [Recruiting]

Ultrafiltration (Aquapheresis) in Patients With Leukemia and Severe Fluid Overload [Withdrawn]

Frusemide Infusion for the Prevention of Deterioration in Renal Function Post Cardiac Surgery. [Withdrawn]

A Study of MK-7145 in Participants With Renal Insufficiency (Part I) and Heart Failure With Renal Insufficiency (Part II) (MK-7145-011) [Terminated]

Diuretics and Dopamine in Heart Failure With Preserved Ejection Fraction [Recruiting]

Determining Optimal Dose and Duration of Diuretic Treatment in People With Acute Heart Failure (The DOSE-AHF Study) [Completed]

Effectiveness of a Diuretic Algorithm in Clinical Stability in Heart Failure Patients [Recruiting]

Spironolactone and Insulin Resistance in Chronic Heart Failure (CHF) [Completed]

Early Diuresis Following Colorectal Surgery [Recruiting]

Low Dose Cytarabine and Lintuzumab-Ac225 in Older Patients [Active, not recruiting]

Diuretic and Renal Effects of Vaprisol When Administered Along With Furosemide and Nesiritide Continuous Infusion [Withdrawn]

Kinetic Method to Detect Dehydration [Completed]

Forced Fluid Removal in High Risk Acute Kidney Injury [Not yet recruiting]

A Comparison of Hydrochlorothiazide and Metolazone in Combination With Furosemide in Congestive Heart Failure Patients [Recruiting]

Furosemide and Albumin for Diuresis of Edema: A Pilot Randomized Controlled Trial [Recruiting]

Forced Diuresis Versus Observation in Resolving Renal Failure After Haemofiltration in Critically Ill Patients [Terminated]

Hemodynamics and Extravascular Lung Water in Acute Lung Injury [Completed]

A Prospective, Single-center, Open-label, Pilot Study to Compare the Effectiveness and Safety of Diuretics Add-On Strategy in Chronic Heart Failure Patients (DIOS 1) [Withdrawn]

ZP120 Add-on to Furosemide in Treatment of Acute or Sub-Acute Decompensated Heart Failure [Terminated]

Value of Renal Vascular Doppler Sonography in Management of Decompensated Heart Failure [Completed]

Study to Evaluate the Effect of SLV320 in Addition to Chronic Furosemide Treatment on Renal Function in Subjects With Congestive Heart Failure and Impaired Renal Function [Terminated]

Intra-Renal Therapy of Diuretic Unresponsive Acute Kidney Injury [Withdrawn]

Protocol to Assess the Severity of Acute Kidney Injury [Completed]

Effects of Spironolactone on Matrix Metalloproteinases (MMPs) in Heart Failure [Completed]

A Prospective, Single-center, Randomized, Controlled, Open-label, Pilot Study to Compare the Effectiveness and Safety of DIuretics Add-On Strategy in Acute Decompensated Heart Failure Patients (DIOS II) [Recruiting]

A Phase 2 Efficacy Study of CLS003 ICVT in Subjects With Cutaneous Warts. [Active, not recruiting]

The Effect of Plasma Osmolality on Brain Glutamate [Completed]

Diuretic Versus Placebo in Pulmonary Embolism [Not yet recruiting]

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Diuretics for Symptomatic Malignant Ascites Episodes in Advanced Stage of Cancer (DIASC) [Not yet recruiting]

Sodium-Restricted Diet and Diuretic in the Treatment of Severe Sleep Apnea [Completed]

Effect of KW-3902IV in Combination With IV Furosemide on Renal Function in Subjects With CHF and Renal Impairment [Completed]

Nephropathy In Type 2 Diabetes and Cardio-renal Events [Active, not recruiting]

Loop Diuretics in Chronic Kidney Disease [Completed]

Olmesartan Medoxomil in Hypertension and Renal Impairment [Completed]

Loop Diuretics Administration and Acute Heart Failure [Recruiting]

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