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Regitine (Phentolamine Mesylate) - Published Studies


Regitine Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Regitine (Phentolamine)

Reversal of soft-tissue local anesthesia with phentolamine mesylate in pediatric patients. [2008.08]

Reversal of soft-tissue local anesthesia with phentolamine mesylate in adolescents and adults. [2008.08]

Pharmacokinetics of lidocaine with epinephrine following local anesthesia reversal with phentolamine mesylate. [2008.06]

Injection therapy for the treatment of erectile dysfunction: a comparison between alprostadil and a combination of vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and phentolamine mesilate. [2007.10]

Assessment of the efficacy of phentolamine to prevent radial artery spasm during cardiac catheterization procedures: a randomized study comparing phentolamine vs. verapamil. [2005.10]

Well-designed clinical trials possibly related to Regitine (Phentolamine)

High-dose fenoldopam reduces postoperative neutrophil gelatinase-associated lipocaline and cystatin C levels in pediatric cardiac surgery. [2011.06.29]

Melatonin differentially affects vascular blood flow in humans. [2011.02]

Lipid mobilization in subcutaneous adipose tissue during exercise in lean and obese humans. Roles of insulin and natriuretic peptides. [2010.08]

Adenosine receptor antagonist and augmented vasodilation during hypoxic exercise. [2009.10]

Exercise-induced lipid mobilization in subcutaneous adipose tissue is mainly related to natriuretic peptides in overweight men. [2008.08]

Exercise intensity-dependent contribution of beta-adrenergic receptor-mediated vasodilatation in hypoxic humans. [2008.02.15]

A prospective randomized study to optimize the dosage of trimix ingredients and compare its efficacy and safety with prostaglandin E1. [2005.07]

Other research related to Regitine (Phentolamine)

Stability and compatibility of doxofylline with phentolamine mesilate in 0.9% sodium chloride or 5% dextrose injection for intravenous infusion. [2011.02]

Phentolamine continuous infusion in a patient with pheochromocytoma. [2011.01.15]

What's new with phentolamine mesylate: a reversal agent for local anaesthesia? [2011.01]

Phentolamine mesylate for accelerating recovery from lip and tongue anesthesia. [2010.10]

The use of phentolamine mesylate to evaluate mandibular nerve damage following implant placement. [2010.09]

Local and systemic toxicity of intraoral submucosal injections of phentolamine mesylate (OraVerse). [2009.01]

Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide/phentolamine for intracavernosal injection in erectile dysfunction. [2008.09]

Randomized study of phentolamine mesylate for reversal of local anesthesia. [2008.07]

Metabolic forearm vasodilation is enhanced following Bier block with phentolamine. [2007.10]

Significance of phentolamine redosing during prostaglandin E1 penile color Doppler ultrasonography in diagnosis of vascular erectile dysfunction. [2007.05]

Intravenous phentolamine infusion alleviates the pain of abdominal visceral cancer, including pancreatic carcinoma. [2007]

Adrenaline-induced digital ischaemia reversed with phentolamine. [2006.12]

Relief of acute pain in chronic idiopathic gastroparesis with intravenous phentolamine. [2006.11]

Effect of phentolamine on the hyperemic response to adenosine in patients with microvascular disease. [2005.12.15]

Individual differences in the sensitivity of cold allodynia to phentolamine in neuropathic rats. [2005.10.31]

Intracavernous papaverine/phentolamine-induced priapism can be accurately predicted with color Doppler ultrasonography. [2005.10]

Phentolamine as a treatment for poor mixing in transposition of the great arteries with adequate intraatrial communication. [2005.07]

Intracavernous sodium nitroprusside (SNP) versus papaverine/phentolamine in erectile dysfunction: a comparative study of short-term efficacy and side-effects. [2005.01]

Other possibly related research studies

Local administration of norepinephrine in the stump evokes dose-dependent pain in amputees. [2006.06]

Detection of cardiac variability in the isolated rat heart. [2006.07]

Biological effect of far-infrared therapy on increasing skin microcirculation in rats. [2006.04]

[Postponed or canceled drug challenge tests and side effects of the test drug--a report of four cases] [2006.02]

Anal electrical stimulation with long pulses increases anal sphincter pressure in conscious dogs. [2006.03]

Use of a visual analog scale to assess pain of injection with intracavernous injection therapy. [2005.05]

Atrial natriuretic peptide stimulates lipid mobilization during repeated bouts of endurance exercise. [2006.05]

Erectile dysfunction in spinal cord injury: a cost-utility analysis. [2005.11]

Dynamic strength training improves insulin sensitivity and functional balance between adrenergic alpha 2A and beta pathways in subcutaneous adipose tissue of obese subjects. [2005.12]

Clinical and duplex US assessment of effects of sildenafil on cavernosal arteries of the penis: comparison with intracavernosal injection of vasoactive agents--initial experience. [2005.12]

Diagnosing erectile dysfunction: instruments for the study of smooth muscle relaxation. [2005.12]

A multicenter prospective study of 3,110 consecutive cases of elective epinephrine use in the fingers and hand: the Dalhousie Project clinical phase. [2005.09]

Available and future treatments for erectile dysfunction. [2005]

A comparative review of the options for treatment of erectile dysfunction: which treatment for which patient? [2005]

Evaluation of a progressive treatment program for erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus. [2005.09]

Cutaneous temperature measurements in men with penile prostheses: a comparison study. [2005.11]

Catecholamine clearance from alveolar spaces of rat and human lungs. [2005.03]

Annexin A5 scintigraphy of forearm as a novel in vivo model of skeletal muscle preconditioning in humans. [2005.01.18]

Effects of nNOS antisense in the paraventricular nucleus on blood pressure and heart rate in rats with heart failure. [2005.01]

Effect of tamsulosin on spontaneous bladder contraction in conscious rats with bladder outlet obstruction: comparison with effect on intraurethral pressure. [2006.09.18]

Pharmacologic management of complex regional pain syndrome. [2006.06]

Time course of cardiovascular neural regulation during programmed 20-sec apnea in rats. [2006.03]

Pulmonary vasoconstrictor action of KCNQ potassium channel blockers. [2006.02.20]

Peak systolic velocities may be falsely low in young patients with erectile dysfunction. [2006.01]

Evaluation and management of the patient who has cocaine-associated chest pain. [2006.02]

Activation of ventrolateral medulla neurons by arginine vasopressin via V1A receptors produces inhibition on respiratory-related hypoglossal nerve discharge in the rat. [2005.09.30]

Actions of Ya-hom, a herbal drug combination, on isolated rat aortic ring and atrial contractions. [2005.08]

Adrenergic receptor stimulation attenuates insulin-stimulated glucose uptake in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by inhibiting GLUT4 translocation. [2005.10]

[Radial artery spasm in transradial cardiac catheterization. Assessment of factors related to its occurrence, and of its consequences during follow-up] [2005.05]

Restrictive left atrial outflow adversely affects outcome after the modified Norwood procedure. [2005.06]

Enhancement of PAI-1 mRNA in cardiovascular cells after kainate injection is mediated through the sympathetic nervous system. [2005.05]

[Pathophysiology and rehabilitation of erectile dysfunction after nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy] [2005.06]

Feedback effects of circulating norepinephrine on sympathetic outflow in healthy subjects. [2005.02]

Undiagnosed catecholamine-secreting paraganglioma and coexisting carcinoid in a patient with MH susceptibility: an unusual anesthetic challenge. [2007]

Different hemodynamic responses by color Doppler ultrasonography studies between sildenafil non-responders and responders. [2007.01]

Intracoronary ghrelin infusion decreases coronary blood flow in anesthetized pigs. [2007.02]

A critical look at the evidence for and against elective epinephrine use in the finger. [2007.01]

[Effects of intra-amygdaloid injection of motilin on the interdigestive migrating myoelectrical complex in rat] [2006.07]

Cardiovascular responses to intrathecal administration of endomorphins in anesthetized rats. [2007.04]

Effect of systemic nitric oxide synthase inhibition on arterial stiffness in humans. [2007.05]

Rectal distension inhibits postprandial small intestinal motor activity partially via the adrenergic pathway in dogs. [2007.07]

Basic autonomic nervous function in patients with neurocardiogenic syncope. [2007.04]

Treating erectile dysfunction in renal transplant recipients. [2007]

Contractile effect of the aqueous extract of Psidium guajava leaves on aortic rings in rat. [2007.04]

Sex differences in lipolysis-regulating mechanisms in overweight subjects: effect of exercise intensity. [2007.09]

Mental stress impairs endothelial vasodilatory function by a beta-adrenergic mechanism. [2007.05]

Alpha(2)-blocker helps to avoid systemic to pulmonary shunt in a prostaglandin dependent infant with critical pulmonary valve stenosis. [2006.12]

[Chronic, refractory algodystrophy] [2006]

The adrenergic regulation of the cardiovascular system in the South American rattlesnake, Crotalus durissus. [2007.11]

The EpiPen and the ischaemic finger. [2007.08]

Repeated intracorporeal self-injection: effect on peak systolic velocity and cavernosal artery diameter. [2007.09]

Systemic alpha-adrenergic and nitric oxide inhibition on basal limb blood flow: effects of endurance training in middle-aged and older adults. [2007.09]


Peripheral intravenous extravasation: nursing procedure for initial treatment. [2007.11]

Pheochromocytoma: cyclic attacks of hypertension alternating with hypotension. [2008.01]

Low perfusion pressure during CPB may induce cerebral metabolic and ultrastructural changes. [2007.10]

Electroacupuncture-induced analgesia in a rat model of ankle sprain pain is mediated by spinal alpha-adrenoceptors. [2008.03]

Mechanism of salivary secretion enhancement by Byakkokaninjinto. [2008.03]

Intracoronary genistein acutely increases coronary blood flow in anesthetized pigs through beta-adrenergic mediated nitric oxide release and estrogenic receptors. [2008.05]

Role of brain adrenoceptors in the corticortopin-releasing factor-induced central activation of sympatho-adrenomedullary outflow in rats. [2008.02.27]

Effects of local alpha2-adrenergic receptor blockade on adipose tissue lipolysis during prolonged systemic adrenaline infusion in normal man. [2008.03]

Cardiovascular effects of tyramine: adrenergic and cholinergic interactions. [2008.01.28]

The effect of urocortin II administration on the coronary circulation and cardiac function in the anaesthetized pig is nitric-oxide-dependent. [2008.01.14]

Intraperitoneal administration of CDP-choline and its cholinergic and pyrimidinergic metabolites induce hyperglycemia in rats: involvement of the sympathoadrenal system. [2007.10]

Surgical autonomic denervation results in altered colonic motility: an explanation for low anterior resection syndrome? [2008.06]

[Auto-injection with epinephrine in the finger of a 5-year-old child] [2008.04.26]

[Selection of drugs suitable for the treatment of intractable chronic pain patients by using drug challenge tests] [2008.05]

Autonomic nervous system-dependent and -independent cardiovascular effects of exendin-4 infusion in conscious rats. [2008.05]

Sympathetic vasoconstrictor antagonism and vasodilatation relieve mechanical allodynia in rats with chronic postischemia pain. [2008.05]

Evidence for a specific influence of the nitrergic pathway on the peripheral pulse waveform in rabbits. [2008.04]

Dissociation between sympathetic nerve traffic and sympathetically mediated vascular tone in normotensive human obesity. [2008.10]

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