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Stromectol (Ivermectin) - Published Studies


Stromectol Related Published Studies

Well-designed clinical trials related to Stromectol (Ivermectin)

Efficacy and safety of single and double doses of ivermectin versus 7-day high dose albendazole for chronic strongyloidiasis. [2011.05.10]

A randomised controlled clinical trial on the safety of co-administration of albendazole, ivermectin and praziquantel in infected schoolchildren in Uganda. [2011.04]

Ivermectin and milbemycin oxime in experimental adult heartworm (Dirofilaria immitis) infection of dogs. [2011.01]

Albendazole and mebendazole administered alone or in combination with ivermectin against Trichuris trichiura: a randomized controlled trial. [2010.12.15]

Use of high-dose, twice-yearly albendazole and ivermectin to suppress Wuchereria bancrofti microfilarial levels. [2010.12.01]

Oral ivermectin for head lice: a comparison with 0.5 % topical malathion lotion. [2010.12]

A pilot study of the use of oral ivermectin to treat head lice in primary school students in Australia. [2010.11]

Effect of ivermectin on Anopheles gambiae mosquitoes fed on humans: the potential of oral insecticides in malaria control. [2010.07.01]

Oral ivermectin versus malathion lotion for difficult-to-treat head lice. [2010.03.11]

Household-wide ivermectin treatment for head lice in an impoverished community: randomized observer-blinded controlled trial. [2010.02]

Treatment of canine-generalized demodicosis: a blind, randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy of Advocate(Bayer Animal Health) with ivermectin. [2009.10]

Anthelmintic efficacies of a tablet formula of ivermectin-praziquantel on horses experimentally infected with three Strongylus species. [2009.09]

Ivermectin versus benzyl benzoate applied once or twice to treat human scabies in Dakar, Senegal: a randomized controlled trial. [2009.06]

A randomised, double-blind field trial of ivermectin alone and in combination with albendazole for the treatment of Mansonella perstans infections in Uganda. [2009.03]

Efficacy of ivermectin and albendazole alone and in combination for treatment of soil-transmitted helminths in pregnancy and adverse events: a randomized open label controlled intervention trial in Masindi district, western Uganda. [2008.12]

Endectocide activity of a new long-action formulation containing 2.25% ivermectin+1.25% abamectin in cattle. [2008.08.17]

The effect of a single dose of oral ivermectin on pruritus in the homeless. [2008.08]

The effect of a single dose of oral ivermectin on pruritus in the homeless. [2008.05.01]

Pharmacokinetics of ivermectin in pregnant and nonpregnant sheep. [2008.02]

Randomized, controlled, double-blind trial with ivermectin on Loa loa microfilaraemia: efficacy of a low dose (approximately 25 microg/kg) versus current standard dose (150 microg/kg). [2007.08]

Duration of anthelmintic effect of three formulations of ivermectin (oral, injectable and pour-on) against multiple anthelmintic-resistant haemonchus contortus in sheep. [2007.08]

A clinical trial of ivermectin against eyeworms in German Shepherd military working dogs. [2007.07]

Involvement of P-glycoprotein on ivermectin kinetic behaviour in sheep: itraconazole-mediated changes on gastrointestinal disposition. [2007.06]

Impact of 10 years of diethylcarbamazine and ivermectin mass administration on infection and transmission of lymphatic filariasis. [2007.06]

Randomized, controlled, double-blind trial with ivermectin on Loa loa microfilaraemia: efficacy of a low dose ( approximately 25mug/kg) versus current standard dose (150mug/kg). [2007.05.23]

Pharmacokinetics of a new long acting endectocide formulation containing 2.25% ivermectin and 1.25% abamectin in cattle. [2007.02]

Evaluation of a covered-rod silicone implant containing ivermectin for long-term prevention of heartworm infection in dogs. [2006.09]

A fenbendazole oral drench in addition to an ivermectin pour-on reduces parasite burden and improves feedlot and carcass performance of finishing heifers compared with endectocides alone. [2006.08]

Comparison of efficacy of moxidectin and ivermectin in the treatment of Strongyloides fulleborni infection in rhesus macaques. [2006.06]

Pharmacokinetics of a novel closantel/ivermectin injection in cattle. [2006.06]

Efficacy of ivermectin treatment of cutaneous gnathostomiasis evaluated by placebo-controlled trial. [2006.05]

A randomized, double-blind clinical trial of a 3-week course of doxycycline plus albendazole and ivermectin for the treatment of Wuchereria bancrofti infection. [2006.04.15]

Assessments of pharmacokinetic drug interactions and tolerability of albendazole, praziquantel and ivermectin combinations. [2006.04]

Effects of ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine on microfilariae and overall microfilaria production in bancroftian filariasis. [2005.11]

Comparative study of the efficacy of eprinomectin versus ivermectin, and field efficacy of eprinomectin only, for the treatment of chorioptic mange in alpacas. [2005.06.30]

A randomized, double-blind, controlled trial of the effects of ivermectin at normal and high doses, given annually or three-monthly, against Onchocerca volvulus: ophthalmological results. [2005.04]

Therapeutic and persistent efficacy of a single injection treatment of ivermectin and moxidectin against Boophilus microplus (Acari: Ixodidae) on infested cattle. [2005]

Therapy of tungiasis: a double-blinded randomized controlled trial with oral ivermectin. [2004.12]

Tolerability and efficacy of single dose diethylcarbamazine (DEC) alone or co-administration with Ivermectin in the clearance of Wuchereria bancrofti microfilaraemia in Pondicherry, South India. [2004.12]

Treatment of cutaneous gnathostomiasis with ivermectin. [2004.11]

The safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of levamisole alone, levamisole plus ivermectin, and levamisole plus albendazole, and their efficacy against Onchocerca volvulus. [2004.09]

Cattle protected from onchocerciasis by ivermectin are highly susceptible to infection after drug withdrawal. [2004.08]

Adverse systemic reactions to treatment of onchocerciasis with ivermectin at normal and high doses given annually or three-monthly. [2004.08]

The effect of single dose ivermectin alone or in combination with albendazole on Wuchereria bancrofti infection in primary school children in Tanzania. [2004.08]

The impact of six rounds of single-dose mass administration of diethylcarbamazine or ivermectin on the transmission of Wuchereria bancrofti by Culex quinquefasciatus and its implications for lymphatic filariasis elimination programmes. [2003.12]

The comparative serum disposition kinetics of subcutaneous administration of doramectin, ivermectin and moxidectin in the Australian Merino sheep. [2003.10]

The prevalences of Wuchereria bancrofti antigenaemia in communities given six rounds of treatment with diethylcarbamazine, ivermectin or placebo tablets. [2003.10]

Evaluation of the safety of ivermectin-praziquantel administered orally to pregnant mares. [2003.10]

Field efficacy of ivermectin plus praziquantel oral paste against naturally acquired gastrointestinal nematodes and cestodes of horses in North America and Europe. [2003.09]

Plasma profiles of ivermectin in horses following oral or intramuscular administration. [2003.08]

The co-administration of ivermectin and albendazole--safety, pharmacokinetics and efficacy against Onchocerca volvulus. [2003.03]

A comparison of the efficacy of single doses of albendazole, ivermectin, and diethylcarbamazine alone or in combinations against Ascaris and Trichuris spp. [2003]

Preventing transmission of sarcoptic mange from sows to their offspring by injection of ivermectin. Effects on swine production. [2002.12.11]

The efficacy of formulations of triclabendazole and ivermectin in combination against liver fluke (Fasciola hepatica) and gastro-intestinal nematodes in cattle and sheep and sucking lice species in cattle. [2002.11]

Safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of escalating high doses of ivermectin in healthy adult subjects. [2002.10]

Efficacy of ivermectin delivered via a controlled-release capsule against small lungworms (Protostrongylidae) in sheep. [2002.09]

The effect of six rounds of single dose mass treatment with diethylcarbamazine or ivermectin on Wuchereria bancrofti infection and its implications for lymphatic filariasis elimination. [2002.09]

Ivermectin is better than benzyl benzoate for childhood scabies in developing countries. [2002.08]

Effects of standard and high doses of ivermectin on adult worms of Onchocerca volvulus: a randomised controlled trial. [2002.07.20]

Efficacy of repeated doses of ivermectin against Mansonella perstans. [2002.05]

Ivermectin and albendazole alone and in combination for the treatment of lymphatic filariasis in Ghana: follow-up after re-treatment with the combination. [2002.03]

Oral ivermectin in scabies patients: a comparison with 1% topical lindane lotion. [2001.09]

Circulating filarial antigens for monitoring the efficacy of ivermectin in treatment of filariasis. [2001.08]

Re-evaluation of ivermectin efficacy against equine gastrointestinal parasites. [2001.07.27]

Efficacy of a long-acting formulation of ivermectin against Psoroptes ovis (Hering, 1838) on cattle. [2001.06.28]

Resistance of Cooperia to ivermectin treatments in grazing cattle of the Humid Pampa, Argentina. [2001.06.12]

Placebo-controlled community trial of four cycles of single-dose diethylcarbamazine or ivermectin against Wuchereria bancrofti infection and transmission in India. [2001.05]

Long-term efficacy of single-dose combinations of albendazole, ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine for the treatment of bancroftian filariasis. [2001.05]

Development of reactive onchocercal skin lesions during a placebo-controlled trial with ivermectin among persons without lesions at baseline. [2001.04]

Tolerability and efficacy of single-dose diethyl carbamazine (DEC) or ivermectin in the clearance of Wuchereria bancrofti microfilaraemia in Pondicherry, south India. [2000.11]

Patterns of parasitic nematode infection and immunity in dairy heifers treated with ivermectin in a sustained-release bolus formulation either at turnout or in the middle of the grazing season. [2000.09.09]

Two-year follow-up of the microfilaraemia of asymptomatic brugian filariasis, after treatment with two, annual, single doses of ivermectin, diethylcarbamazine and albendazole, in various combinations. [2000.09]

Single-dose treatment of Wuchereria bancrofti infections with ivermectin and albendazole alone or in combination: evaluation of the potential for control at 12 months after treatment. [2000.07]

Relative cost-effectiveness of treatment of feedlot calves with ivermectin versus treatment with a combination of fenbendazole, permethrin, and fenthion. [2000.06.15]

A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled field trial of ivermectin and albendazole alone and in combination for the treatment of lymphatic filariasis in Ghana. [2000.03]

A comparative study of oral ivermectin and topical permethrin cream in the treatment of scabies. [2000.02]

A study on the provocative day test effect of ivermectin and albendazole on nocturnal periodic Wuchereria bancrofti microfilaraemia. [1999.11]

Ivermectin disposition kinetics after subcutaneous and intramuscular administration of an oil-based formulation to cattle. [1999.10.01]

Strategic use of ivermectin during pregnancy to control toxocara canis in greyhound puppies. [1999.09.01]

A comparison of persistent anthelmintic efficacy of topical formulations of doramectin, ivermectin, eprinomectin and moxidectin against naturally acquired nematode infections of beef calves. [1999.09.01]

Treatment of the microfilaraemia of asymptomatic brugian filariasis with single doses of ivermectin, diethylcarbamazine or albendazole, in various combinations. [1999.09]

Efficacy of albendazole and its combinations with ivermectin or diethylcarbamazine (DEC) in the treatment of Trichuris trichiura infections in Sri Lanka. [1999.07]

Equivalent therapeutic efficacy and safety of ivermectin and lindane in the treatment of human scabies. [1999.06]

Assessment of combined ivermectin and albendazole for treatment of intestinal helminth and Wuchereria bancrofti infections in Haitian schoolchildren. [1999.03]

Chemical control of Haematobia irritans with 0.5% topical ivermectin solution in cattle. [1999.03]

Eosinophil sequestration and activation are associated with the onset and severity of systemic adverse reactions following the treatment of onchocerciasis with ivermectin. [1999.03]

Chemoprophylaxis of Onchocerca infections: in a controlled, prospective study ivermectin prevents calves becoming infected with O. ochengi. [1999.02]

Comparative efficacy evaluation of moxidectin gel and ivermectin paste against internal parasites of equines in Brazil. [1998.12.15]

The effects of ivermectin on onchocercal skin disease and severe itching: results of a multicentre trial. [1998.12]

Impact of a sustained-release ivermectin bolus on weight gain in breeding age Holstein heifers under commercial pasture conditions in southern Quebec. [1998.11]

Evaluation of the effect of ivermectin administered topically at zero and six weeks after turnout on gastrointestinal nematode infection in first-season grazing cattle. [1998.08.31]

Persistence of the activity of topical ivermectin against biting lice (Bovicola bovis). [1998.08.15]

Efficacy of ivermectin in a controlled release formulation against Psoroptes ovis (Hering, 1838) gervais, 1841 (Acari: Psoroptidae) on sheep. [1998.08.14]

Prevention of acute adenolymphangitis in brugian filariasis: comparison of the efficacy of ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine, each combined with local treatment of the affected limb. [1998.07]

Direct assessment in vivo of the efficacy of combined single-dose ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine against adult Wuchereria bancrofti. [1998.03]

Randomised community-based trial of annual single-dose diethylcarbamazine with or without ivermectin against Wuchereria bancrofti infection in human beings and mosquitoes. [1998.01.17]

Efficacy of single dose combinations of albendazole, ivermectin and diethylcarbamazine for the treatment of bancroftian filariasis. [1998.01]

Field trials evaluating ivermectin controlled-release capsules for weaner sheep and for breeding ewes. [1998.01]

Comparative efficacy of moxidectin 2% equine oral gel and ivermectin 2% equine oral paste against Onchocerca cervicalis (Railliet and Henry, 1910) microfilariae in horses with naturally acquired infections in Formosa (Argentina). [1997.12.31]

[Parenteral administration of ivermectin: effectiveness against nematodes in wild sheep (Ovis musimon)] [1997.12]

Prophylactic use of ivermectin against cattle myiasis caused by Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel, 1858). [1997.10]

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